Laura Dekker | Youngest Circumnavigator

At age 14, Laura Dekker set sail on a solo journey from the Netherlands. A year and a half later, she became the youngest person ever to circumnavigate the globe. Her tale is incredible, but perhaps the most astonishing part is that it almost didn’t happen. Laura originally planned to embark on her trip at age 13, but when Dutch authorities got wind of her plans, the Child Welfare Office stepped in and barred her journey. For nearly a year, Laura and her family were entangled in court battles before Laura finally won the right to make her voyage. In this episode, Laura shares the story of her trip with us, what she learned along the way as well as her thoughts on some of the larger issues such as the rights of individuals vs. the perceptions of society and how to balance experience with safety when it comes to parenting.


Katy Thu Sep 21 2017 01:44:57 GMT+0000 (UTC)

This was an amazing episode of this fabulous new podcast. I utterly loved Laura. Hats off to her courageous parents who had amazing insights into assisting their child to develop the skills to live a life of her design - including letting her stumble and fall on her nose. So often we give into our own fears about our child either getting hurt or being hurt that we overprotect them in order to protect ourselves. Laura has so many insights from the bilateral perspectives of child and adult. So interesting. Made me go sailing off to sea in my imagination - and I don't even like boats! Thanks to both Laura and Nate for sharing this!

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